Gateway 3Sixty

Gateway 3Sixty offers an innovative platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. With its advanced predictive modelling capabilities, you can benefit from personalised recommendations that help you anticipate your customers’ needs, enhance their experience, and improve customer retention. This groundbreaking technology empowers you with the following capabilities:

Identify customers who are most likely to renew their vehicle to an electric vehicle.

Provides you with the optimum time to contact a customer to retain and renew.

Predicts a selection of vehicles from your stock that the customer is likely to be interested in.

Gateway 3Sixty key benefits

Relevant and timely sales leads
Data insight drives an integrated contact strategy available for your portfolio. This creates relevant and timely renewal opportunities.

Management Information
An advanced online dashboard is provided. Extensive reports with MI on numerous KPIs compliment this.

Personalised communication
Gateway 3Sixty allows you to customise communications with interactive offers, so that your client can view a range of bespoke upgrade opportunities with ease.

Bespoke Campaign Creation
Through our campaign functionality, Gateway 3Sixty allows you to create your own localised offers.

Customer Profiles
Our platform provides individualised comparisons for each customer. This allows the customer to browse alternative vehicles, providing further upsell opportunities.

Comprehensive support
Our team is on hand to provide extensive support, online training and videos.

“Customer retention is vital to our business and the recently launched Gateway 3Sixty renewals system has given us significantly more control of our activity and the ability to contact our customers at the optimum time, using the most effective communication channel. We consider SCF an integral part of our business and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Fraser Cohen
Managing Director, Glyn Hopkin

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