3rd party integration

With customer behaviour continually changing and the digital market evolving, we are constantly investing and innovating, to provide complimentary tools to help you engage better with customers and sell more cars.

Our range of digital tools integrate together to create a seamless customer journey.

Connecting to our digital products couldn’t be simpler; our tools have been created to seamlessly integrate with your Point of Sale finance system. We have technical experts on hand who will work with your provider to help you get connected to our services.

Connections available:

Quote webservice

Our integrated quote webservice connects with your technology provider to supply dealer specific finance product information, as well as providing real time quote information, allowing you to provide accurate quotes for your customers.

Generic interface

We have developed an electronic proposal service, allowing your technology provider to connect directly to our processing and underwriting system.

Proposal submissions/resubmissions

Applications can be submitted through your dealer showroom system along with any subsequent changes required throughout the application process, such as revisions to the deposit, invoice price, agreement term etc.

Customer documentation

Upon a customer’s application being accepted, the finance contract is returned to your system for processing.

Proposal status

Status updates are provided at key events throughout the application process, and sent directly to your system to keep you updated.

3rd Party Technology Partners

Not only do we seamlessly integrate with your systems, but we work alongside a host of third-party names, including:

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