Wholesale funding support

Our range of wholesale solutions are designed to enhance your cash flow. Our financial stability offers a partnership with a dependable provider regardless of the market or other influences.

A bespoke service provided by specialist credit and support teams who are flexible and responsive to changes in your requirements.

  • Unit Stocking
    Dealer preferred stock funding programme for new, used and demonstrator vehicles. Santander Consumer Finance takes title on the stock funded and this is settled on the sale of the vehicle.
  • Overdraft
    A revolving credit facility for the funding of stock that is not secured on an individual vehicle basis.
  • Advance Commission
    Pre-payment of commission expected to be generated in a given period to provide working capital.
  • AuctionDirect
    Exclusive to Santander Consumer Finance, this allows you to purchase stock at any of Manheim’s or Aston Barclay‘s vehicle auctions, either online or in person and charge the cost directly to your existing wholesale facility. It’s quick and convenient and provides a significant cash flow benefit.

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