Our innovative digital proposition, E-Salesperson, enhances your seamless offline to online customer journey to help drive leads.

E-Salesperson is available to all of our supporting motorcycle dealers and is available as an extension to the finance calculator or a stand-alone digital application.

The free-of-charge digital showroom tool allows you to email your customer a finance quote so they can apply for finance at their own leisure. The interactive quote enables your customer to adjust their finance product and parameters, to find finance that works for them.

E-Salesperson key benefits 

  • Free to use 
  • FCA compliant
  • Product descriptors and videos to assist the dealer
  • Accurate finance quotes sent to your customer’s email
  • Dealer management portal with personalised analytics
  • Increased leads through enhanced seamless offline to online customer journey

“E Salesperson has streamlined our sales process, allowing the sales team to manage their time + leads more productively. Being able to effortlessly send a quote has been a game changer for our team, sustaining high levels of finance penetration with a positive experience for our customers.”

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