Our Santander Consumer Finance digital document signing platform is another step in our commitment to helping you to provide great customer service and experience. Integrated into our Santander Online system, i-click is easy to use and provides a compliant sales process.

  • Easy to use
    The signing workflow is simple and intuitive, with prompts at each step of the customer journey. The signing is a ‘just like paper’ customer experience.
  • Compliant sales process
    The workflow guides customers through a compliant sales process, providing adequate product explanations all the way to the signing of the chosen finance agreement. A tamper-proof, date and time-stamped audit trail of the end-to-end process is retained.
  • One Less Technology Issue
    i-click streamlines the process and removes the hassle of a signature pad.
  • Support
    Our Business Development Managers are on hand to provide training and help with any queries.

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